MTT visiting Vienna

Friday we arrived in the capital of Austria, Vienna or Wien in German. The city is full of the history of the rich Habsburg monarchy that reigned from 1526 till 1804, part of the Holy Roman Empire. From 1804 -1867 it was the Austrian Empire and from 1867-1918 the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Imperial Palace, the Hofburg, is enormous! The city also has lots of art nouveau buildings, very interesting musea like Albertina and Leopoldmuseum with beautiful art exhibitions. The most famous cake to eat in this city is Sacher Torte, named after the Sacher family, 1832 by Franz Sacher. Today, a big export product of Austria. On Sunday we were welcomed by the Mennonite Church of Vienna. This small church is very engaged with refugees. In the afternoon we had a lovely garden meeting with some members and shared stories and food. It was a warm welcome, not only because of 35 degrees Celcius, but most of all a warm welcome because of fellowship and friendship!


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