About MTT

Menno’s Travelling Table

In 2017 and 2018, we’ll be taking a very special table around the Netherlands and Europe, Menno’s Travelling Table. The Table is a metaphor for bringing people together and exploring new paths. The Mennonites have long manifested themselves as a movement and it is this movement and our trust in God that takes us on new, unexplored paths to the future. When we share our stories, hear from others, we get to see new opportunities, discover different and maybe unexpected paths for us to take. With the table, we hope to bring people together as we travel from place to place like so many Mennonites have done before us. We hope you will join us on this pilgrimage of connection.

A place to share

As a family, we’ve been thinking of ways in which we can share stories and also contribute to the Mennonite community. We love travelling, cooking, being creative and organising activities and we wanted to reach out to the vulnerable young, get them involved and give them a place to share their stories. And this is what we hope to do with Menno’s Travelling Table. At the table, people will get the chance to share their thoughts with each other, to talk, to plan, to learn. And to eat together, play together, and be together.