Austria some reflections


When we left Vienna, we left for the region of the Hohe Tauern.  The nature here is very impressive. We stayed with Mennonite Your Way with a couple who originally came from USA. The family was already for 30 years in Austria. We talked about nationality. The man had a father from USA, a mother from Wales, and he was born in India. Now they live already for many years as Austrian citizens in Austria. They regard themselves as global citizens. Also the tourism changes in this region. They see that their region has now many tourists from the Middle East. So you can find Arabic on the road signs. It makes you think how migration and nationality have always changed the world. What stays the same is the impressive nature with its mountains. It made us aware that even this cannot be taken for granted. The glaciers are getting smaller and the climate is also changing here.  In the winter they make, if needed, artificial snow for skiing. As Mennonites we have also a responsible in dealing with this issue of climate change and globalization. As a worldwide family we can learn from each other.

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