Special Sunday Bern

A very special Sunday! Early in the morning about 50 church members gathered at the lake. We all walked about 20 minutes to the place where 2 young adult would be baptized this morning. It was a long time ago that Bern had a baptism. The weather was absolutely gorgeous for this special occasion. Near the lake there were a couple of hymns that were song, it really sounded like a choir of angels. It was impressive. Special words were spoken. It was a true baptism, in the way that the baptized went all under water. Afterwords more youngsters took a swim! Then we all went back to our cars and went to church. Many other people were waiting at the church. Church service had last supper. Singing is very important for the people in Bern. We could hear that also during the service, really beautiful. The ‘trees of wishes’ were given. Afterwards we had coffee and talked about life. We felt it as a blessing to be part of it!

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