Weierhof is a small village in region of Rheinland Pfalz. Its history goes back to the year 1682, when Swiss mennonites came over. Today there are about 300 baptized members. The church is active with a project in Rumania. A carpenter company is build over there with help of the members in Weierhof. They also host a volunteer from Brazil for one year. On Saturday evening there was a celebration of one of the members, who celebrated his birthday with a big garden party and rockband at his house. Own pigs and chickens went on the grill. Everyone brought something to eat. About more than hundred people gathered with so many different backgrounds: family, church members, neighbours, Harley Davidson bikers, Africans, elderly people, kids and big dogs. It was lots of fun. On Sunday there was a service. Afterwards we had coffee and a meal with the traveling table at the Mennonite community center. During conversations we shared that though Mennonites in Europa are small in number, we always can explain who we are and we have a message about peace and living together!


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