MTT @ Bern

We touched down with our Traveling Table in Bern in the weekend of the 12th August. The city of Bern is close related to the Mennonite history, while it had one of the oldest Mennonite communities. We were warmly welcomed by Kathy Gerber and stayed at her lovely house just outside Bern. We had an historic walk through Bern with pastor Jurg Braker.  We learned that the Swiss Mennonites kept strong to their faith and identity. The Mennonites of Bern are very active in working with refugees in the so called ‘ Ziegler- Cafe’ . In this cafe people can meet, children can play, and also the German/Swiss language is learned. Today the city of Bern is UNESCO World heritage. The river Aare goes through the city. People swim in it, despite strong current. During this weekend the warmest temperature ever was messured of the rivierwater, about 24 degrees Celcius.



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