Dresden city of history and peace

Dresden is special city in Germany.  As it has been heavily bombed in WW II, and was afterwards partly rebuilt, it makes you feel the history when you walk around. The Frauenkirche is one of the churches in Dresden that is rebuilt.  Also the Evangelical Kreuzkirche is rebuilt. One can find a special chapel inside the church, with the so-called Coventry Cross of Nails. Following the destruction of the Coventry Cathedral (UK) during WW II, Provost Richard Howard had the words ” FATHER FORGIVE” inscribed on the wall behind the alter of the ruined building.  From the remains of the destruction, a symbol was created to express the spirit of forgiveness and a new beginning. This cross can also been seen in Dresden. Today the Coventry Cross of Nails is a sign of reconcilliation and peace in many places around the world. Many churches work together in the International Community of the Cross of Nails. It learns us that even within the most difficult moments one can choose for peace and creating understanding.

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