On the way to… Zeeland

Earlier this year we received an invitation from Zeeland, to join the Mennonite community in Middelburg during our Springholiday.  For this sunday our theme was: to be on the way. Everyone of us is somehow ‘on the way’ in his of her life. Also the Mennonite communities or ‘on the way’ if you look at history, present and future of them in the Netherlands. We talked about what it means to be on the way. Do you want certainties, is it possible to plan your life, or not? Or you open for the unexpected? Do you hold on to things that look like certainties or do you let go? We told about our ‘being on the way’ with Menno’s Travelling Table, how we got to that project and what it means in our lives. At the end of the gathering everybody wrote down or drew  his or her interpretation of ‘being on the way’.

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