The power of vulnerability

On Sunday 10th September our table was at the Drop-Inn Centre / Mennonite Church Almere (NL). Almere, with over 195.000 residents, is a new, planned town that has only existed for thirty-seven years. The Drop-Inn Centre pays social service for over more than 25 years to the “Stedenwijk”.  What a warm welcome we experienced in this small community of people.  In the churchservice we shared about the power of vulnerability. Everyone seems to struggle with being vulnerable. Especially in today’s society where expectations about being succesfull are high and often not easy to meet. By being vulnerable you can also become stronger or give another person the chance to connect with you. This isn’t always easy and needs courage to do so. We also listened to a song of the American singer Beth Hart: “Learning to live”, it calls on us to  ‘sing our own song’ in life.  We built together a brigde from bamboo wood, and we learned that working together can be challenge and fun at the same time. The youngster played games in the playground nearby and after the churchservice there was time for lunch, sharing of the pumpkin-soup and fellowship around the table.  Thanks for the warm welcome!

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